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Singapore Day 1 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | February 22nd, 2016

Today I join my wife Yersika at Singapore airport.

After landing was easy to get a SIM card with 5 GB internet by 50 SGD, warning, do you have to change or create a new AP in your phone settings.

We buy a three days card to use the Mass Rapid Transit by SGD 30 each one and using the website http://gothere.sg/maps we received instructions about how to get home.

After checking, we decided to go to the famous, Orchard road and avenue full of parks and shopping centres, I found nice that there a lot of sceneries available to people to take pictures of themselves all along the road.

orchard road

Using foursquare we search for a Ramen restaurant and, to be honest, we get lost because the restaurant was located underground. We discover that there a vast mall underground connected with subway stations and were more people doing shopping and eating than about on the surface, we didn’t find our restaurant, so we chose a Pho restaurant and was a good desition.

singapore pho

With our energies restored, we walk toward Fort Canning Park located on a hill, be prepared to walk a lot and climb hundreds step to reach the top of the hill, the part has the ruins of an ancient fort.

singapore fort

Next, through the park we found the National Museum of Singapore where we learn a little bit about the history of Singapore, the entry it’s free, and there are some feature expositions, I think we will return at some point this week.

Our tour today ends at the museum, due we felt so tired and is better to retrieve and regroup our forces for the rest of the week.

You will notice I publish fewer pictures than usual when I am with my wife, due she had a real camera and took better pictures than me.

I have to say this state city is fantastic; everything works like a charm, I am looking forward to seeing more awesomeness tomorrow.


Distance (Kilometers)
Mumbai - India → Singapore 3908
Previously 16.127
Total 20.035

Distance (steps)
Singapore (Today) 13.255
Previously 111.412
**Total** 124.667