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India Day 4 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | February 18th, 2016

Yesterday I decided to do a twist on my tour and try to visit a museum. But, before I have to pick up Qiangjun Ran, Qiangjun is the maintainer of Drupal Console Chinese translation.

meet jungle

Qiangjun is also organising a Drupal Meetup in his city Chongqing as part of my Drupal Tour. I have to say he gave me one the most magnificent presents you can receive as a knowmad traveller a sim card to get connected to China as soon I arrive in China, thanks again, buddy.

After taking breakfast, we took an Uber towards “‘Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum”m due is a long ride, about 80 minutes, he explains to me some Chinese words and structures. When we reach our destination, we found the museum closed due is close all Wednesdays, lucky us. So, we continue a taxi towards the Gateway of India.

The Gateway of India is an iconic place and mandatory for tourists, It’s nice and especially when you read a little bit about his history.

mumbai art

gateway india

After taking some pictures, we continue walking in the direction of Marina Drive; the area is pleasantly full of shops, where I can found and buy some magnets for my fridge to increase our collection.

Close to Marine drive, we found an Indian restaurant where we took lunch; our random selection was Mutton Kheema and Golata + Jeera Rice.

marina drive lunch

With our batteries charged, we did a long walk through Marina Drive; it’s a beautiful place with an excellent view of Mumbai Skyline. Sunsets and Sunrises must be fabulous to appreciate here.

marina drive

After having some issues with our internet we decided to take a taxi, but due was hot in Mumbai with about 30 Celsius degrees we want to take a cab with A/C to have a relaxing return to home, due is a trip of 90 minutes.

Sadly, there weren't too many cabs with A/C, and we finally found a “cab” associated with “Ola Cabs” the Indian version of Uber. We have to bargain the price due at the begging he was to charge us 2.5 times the regular price and the end we agree on about 1.2 times the standard rate.

Back to the hotel, I helped to Qiangjun to get connected with the Slack group for Asian community of Drupal and telegram, some tools I think he can use to continue with contact with their APAC community. By coincidence, Kiat Lim from Singapore and who helped me to organise a Drupal meetup in Singapore to talk about Drupal Console was in the same hotel, and we hang out with other Singapore Drupalers in an Indian restaurant.

dinner singore folks

By 10 pm I was exhausted and ready to do some work, my jet lag is getting better I could sleep for 6 hours. Today the DrupalCon start and I will participate in Government Summit.


Distance (steps)
Mumbai (Today) 13.140
Previously 65.379
**Total** 78.519