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DrupalCon Asia Day 1 - Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | February 19th, 2016

The first DrupalCon in Asia just started today, the conference this take was held in IIT in Mumbai.

drupalconasia badge

As usual the day before the DrupalCon official start, code sprints and summits like Business, Community and Government take place, I have to say there were a lot of people came to the sessions.

I decided to participate in Government summit, where J.A.M led a lecture about Drupal in Government, and after that, I attend a session led by Natalie Taylor “Successful digital transformation of UK government departments.”

After that, I go out to say hello to some friends and try to meet new ones. The organisation offers an exquisite Indian food menu for lunch.

With all energies, I get in Contribute code sprint to help to Pratomo Ardianto who wants to contribute a new language for DrupalConsole to Indonesian.

console indonesian

To finish my day in Drupal Con Asia, I attended the panel “Roadblocks and Challenges” as part of Government summit.

To end my day, I chill out with some members of the Taiwan community.

drupal taiwan dinner

As part of Government Summit, Ani Gupta, the organiser offers a party in Rude Lounge, nothing hardcore as parties at DrupalCons in the USA, but better than Drupalcons in Europe

Today the DrupalCon continue with open sessions, and I will lead the B.O.F DrupalConsole in Hindi/हिन्दी: Doing Drupal 8 code without speaking English/अंग्रेजी बोले बिना Drupal 8 मे कोड कर I will report my experience tomorrow.


Distance (steps)
Mumbai (Today) 8.645
Previously 78.519
**Total** 87.164