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The life of an immigrant is like a movie.

By Eduardo García ● CTO | July 4th, 2019

I am an immigrant (two times) from Colombia living in Costa Rica and nowadays in Australia.

When I see my life through the memories provided for all cloud services that now don't let you forget your memories, I saw myself and looked like another person life.

It's almost like a movie, telling three stories with something in common, yet everything is different.

I could say that at any chapter of that movie, I have been delighted and undoubtedly happy ( under my understanding of happiness).

For me maybe the key was to accept and enjoy my environment, embrace the changes, and try to get the best from the people you love and the ones that allow you to be a little part of their life.

Living in a new country means you lose a lot from your previous life, but you gain more than you expected from your new home.

The remaining question is, where is that place that you call home? In my case it is weird; because I don't have a definitive answer for that.

I could say mostly that site is where my wife and kids are. However, every time that I visit Costa Rica or Colombia, I could say that I feel myself at home with a little sensation of being a stranger, but definitively, I am comfortable and happy.

I will lie if I say I will stay in Australia (my home nowadays) forever. Until now, yes, but who knows what the future will bring with it. Maybe a new chapter in my life as a migrant. Or perhaps I could go back to my previous episodes, to refresh all memories, renew old friends and create new ones.

I am not saying that migrating is an easy process; for many, many days, it could be hard as hell; also, it is not for everybody. I think you have to be a stubborn person to push and try hard, to see the rewards at the end, because it is a long term project.

My conclusion and maybe a recommendation is to try to be happy with who you are, with the people next to you, and with the place you are.

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