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Back to down under

By Eduardo García ● CTO | November 4th, 2016

Last week and a half I had the opportunity of returning to Australia to participate in my first DrupalSouth as part of my tour Around the Drupal world in 180+ days.

The DrupalSouth has held in the Australian City of Gold Coast a surfers paradise place with a lot of parties around.

drupal south

During Drupal South pre-event activities, I lead a Drupal 8 Module Development training for 15th students from several cities of Australia and one student from Samoa

drupal south training

drupal south training

The first official day I lead the session Learn Drupal 8 via debugging with great assistance.

Slides: Learn Drupal 8 via debugging

At last day, I had the honour to lead the closing Keynote with the session The Art of Contributing, where I have the opportunity to explain my point of view about “Why investing in community its a good business.”

drupal south keynote 2

drupal south keynote 3

Slides: The Arte of Contributing

In general was a great experience and I hope the people who attend the Drupal South enjoy as much as I did, I hope I would have the opportunity to participate in the next Drupal South in Auckland, New Zealand.

On my way back to home I stop in Melbourne to visit a couple friends, not Drupal related, because not everything is about Drupal :P.

With this trip, my #enzotour16 its officially over, in a month I will write recap entry with statistics and thoughts about my experience.


Distance (Kilometers)
San Francisco, USA → Gold Coast, Australia → Melbourne, Australia → Los Angeles, USA → San Jose, Costa Rica 31.654
Previously 115.017
Total 146.671


Distance (steps)
Australia 89.823
Previously 1.995.093
Total 2.084.916


Distance (Kilometers)
Today 0
Previously 528
Total 528


Distance (Kilometers)
Today 0
Previously 3.740
Total 3.740