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Oahu Day 1 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | June 7th, 2016

Yesterday started the last week of my tour, my return to America(when I say America it’s always the continent) begin with a jump from Oceania to the Pacific island more accurate in Oahu, Hawaii, the USA as usual with my traveller companion Yersika.

I decided to visit first because you know it’s Hawaii one of the most beautiful places in the world (in theory) and second because I want to try to a transition in my jet lag;

Sounds weird for some people because Hawaii has 20 hours difference with Australia and Costa Rica 16, but the flight to Hawaii it’s almost 9.5 hours instead be on the plane about 20 hours + airport scales; I could say that I sleep comfortably, but I sleep, so that helps me with the transition.

The good thing of this jump it’s that I live June 6 of 2016 twice, one in Australia and one in Hawaii after my time travel hahaha.

About Oahu, I could summary my feeling in one word AMAZING; this place is so beautiful and peaceful, I love the beaches and landscapes, the ocean is so bright and clean, I didn’t remember the last time I enjoy swimming in the sea like yesterday. Let me share with you some images.


Distance (Kilometers)
Sydney, Australia → Honolulu, USA 8.175
Previously 46.041
Total 54.216


Distance (Kilometers)
Today 68
Previously 2.074
Total 2.142


Distance (Kilometers)
Today 0
Previously 528
Total 528


Distance (steps)
Sydney (today) 13.188
Previously 1.451.445
Total 1.464.633