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Sydney Stormageddon - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | June 6th, 2016

I took the term Stormageddon from a local newspaper about the storm that is causing disasters in the east of Australia mainly with floods in different neighbourhoods.

I didn’t realise the level of damages until I saw the news at the end of the day.

Maybe I am stubborn, but I reject the idea of stay all day in the hotel because a ‘rain’; So, We tried to do some indoor activities visiting some museums and churches, here my list and some pictures.

At the end as many other courageous visitors of the city, we end up our day soak and without workable umbrellas due to the strong winds.


Distance (steps)
Sydney (today) 12.603
Previously 1.430.364
Total 1.442.967