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Bali Day 2 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | May 20th, 2016

Still with some symptoms of a cold, I decided to see something of the beautiful Bali; I hired a car with a driver included to see some tourist spots around the island. By the way, Bali is much bigger than you could imagine.

First, I visited a theater where is represented and traditional play named Barong & Keris a mythological representation of the battle of good and evil forces.

barong keris 1

barong keris 2

The second stop was in Puseh Temple, Bali if full of temples, so is easy to find one, most of them are Hindu because contrary of the rest of Indonesia Bali is mostly Hinduist.

puseh temple 1

puseh temple 2

About mid day, the driver leads me on into a Coffee to try the most expensive coffee in the world. Luwak coffee I stop drink coffee about 14 years ago, but I tried, to be honest, I didn’t note anything wrong or good in that coffee.

Also, the coffee shop offers a “free” degustation of a variety of teas and coffees. Each drink had remarkable properties to protect you again any major diseases, so because I try all of them, I am protected at least for about five years.

luwak coffee 1

luwak coffee 2

My last stop was in the great Tanah Lot, there is not too much to say about this place, just see the pictures.

tanah lot 1

tanah lot 2

tanah lot 3

tanah lot 4

Bali is nice, but traveling alone here is not funny, I miss my Yersika, especially in this breathtaking places that I know she will love to take pictures.


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