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Jakarta Day 1 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | May 12th, 2016

My marathon to visit three cities in Indonesia in 10 days started yesterday early in the morning with a flight from Manila, the Philippines of a little more than four hours.

flyging jakarta

My first stop is in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, which is more than 9 million habitants and the traffic is the kind of you can expect of a city of this size.

My first chore after arriving at my place was doing some laundry, I know nothing glamor, but not everything is to visit paradises on this trip.

To get familiar with the area, I decided to explore the area by walking; Quickly I recognize the existence of a service Grab a Bike. Which looks like is a Uber for bikes, all of them with a helmet and a jacket with the brand and you can see on the sidewalk looking for their next ride in their smartphones.

grab a bike

I visited the park Merdeka Square surrounded by palaces, government buildings, and mosques.

In the middle of Merdeka Square is located the National Monument; in the basement, they have a museum that provides a brief introduction to Indonesia independent process from Netherland.

monas museum

jakarta national monument day

jakarta national monument night

I was glad to notice that three times per days, there is a service to take a lift to the top of the monument to have a panoramic view of Jakarta, of course, a great view but my favorite part was the refreshing breeze.

jakarta night


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