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Tanay Day 2 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | May 11th, 2016

Last day in Sampaloc, Tanay. I discover that Sampaloc means “Tamarindo” in Spanish.

Early in the morning Paul de Paula and I went out to Daranak Falls a resort administrated for local government.

Paul told me that this place is usually crowded, but due was Tuesday there were only a few people and old locals.

We were lucky the get in the falls first, and the place was only for us short a period; Meanwhile, the others settle down to expend all day near.

daranak falls 1

daranak falls 2

daranak falls 3

daranak falls 4

daranak falls 5

After having lunch with Paul and Gem my hosts in Sampaloc, I departure back to Manila in a Van.

In Manila I had to go to a shopping mall to find a suitcase due the one I had to suffer damage in my trip from Taiwan to the Philippines; To be honest that bag support more than expected 90 days and 16 airports. The Suitcase is dead long live the Suitcase.

manila suitcase


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