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Drupal Camp Manila Day 2 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | May 9th, 2016

The second day of DrupalCamp Manila, on this day were some introductory sessions about Github, how to contribute to issues in Drupal and of course Drupal development.

manila sprint

manila sprint sven

manila sprint joe

After lunch two of the organizers Paul de Paula and Gem Devanedera invite me to their home.

His place is located at Tanay, Rizal two and a half hours from Manila in the mountains and close to Laguna de Bay; the biggest lake in the Philippines I will explore that tomorrow.

With then I could feel a more local Pilipino experience, like Halo Halo. Pork and Fish

halo halo

tanay fish

tanay pork


Distance (Kilometers)
Manila → Tanay62

Distance (steps)
Manila (today)4.115