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Manila Day 1 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | May 6th, 2016

Visiting a city is not just doing sightseeing, it’s more than that, it’s tried to understand their society, which their work based on their environment and their history, at least that is what I sought to do.

Being in Manila, Phillippines remember me the movie Blade Runner, in the movie they use a “language” named Cityspeak which is a mixture of Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, Chinese, and Japanese, in the vision of what the future will be. Well, Phillippines were living that future a long time ago.

blade runner

Before I came here, I already know they have to official languages English and Filipino, but I don’t understand yet is Tagalog is equal to Filipino, but if it is not, they are close.

Back into the reference to Blade Runner; The Filipinos don’t use English and Filipino languages separately.

In a conversation they start with English and in the middle they use a lot of Spanish words and introduce sentences in Filipino/Tagalog in the middle; I am not talking about in the street, I saw that in CNN Philippines, that was exciting for me.

Concerning sightseeing, I visit the Churches of Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church.

manila cathedral

manila san agustin

In the cultural aspect, I visited the Fort Santiago and structure used for Spanish, Japanese and the USA during their occupation of Philippines; the most remarkable think to see there was a museum decicated to Jose Rizal a here that inspire the separation from Spain.

fort santiago

To ended up my day I visit the Museum of the Filipino People just to continue my learning about the country.

filipino people


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