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Taipei Day 4 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | May 4th, 2016

One of the most important things in my tour is about community, about what I could share and about what I could learn from the people I met during it.

Yesterday, all my activities were oriented to the community. My first stop was in Big Data Taiwan, there I have the opportunity to share with them about Drupal 8 and of course demonstrate the Drupal Console project.

bigdata taiwan team

But, I had happily surprise about their other business outside web development with Drupal. I was especially surprise about their product Goo9 this is a wearable device for diapers to help people to monitor the diaper status for babies and seniors, using an app, very impressive.


In the afternoon, my second stop was with Fliegen headquarters; After having a Drupal meetup last Friday, the tested the DrupalConsole and decide to contribute to Drupal Console.

Their first contribution will be an installer for Windows users that include Apache, Mysql, Php, Composer and Drupal Console. The installer is done, they just need to create an overview page to describe the installer and will be in English and Chinese traditional, so soon there will and alternative for Windows users that want to test Drupal Console.

Their second contribution will be a translation to Chinese traditional of Drupal Console project.

I appreciate those contributions and makes my trip worthable.


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