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Bangkok Day 2 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | April 23rd, 2016

Maybe you don’t know by my tour something require extra attention regarding planning, just to confirm everything will match with the plans of local communities. For that reason Yesterday, I expend all my morning dealing with Medical insurances, booking of hotels and coordinate with local organizers details about the sessions.

In the afternoon, I had lunch with Fluxus team.

fluxux lunch

Later on, I went out to the world famous Wat Pho Buddhist temple, O.K maybe you don’t know the place for that name, but perhaps you are familiar with the giant Reclining Buddha.

giant buddha 1

giant buddha 2

wat pho 1

wat pho 2

But that Buddha is not the only interesting Buddha to see; the place is a compound of temples, Buddha, and halls full of Buddhas in all material, color, and sizes you can imagine, thousands and thousands of Buddhas, I totally recommend this spot in Bangkok.

My next stop lead me to another Buddhist temple Wat Rakhang, to be honest, I was planning a different temple, but the taxi driver recommends me this because was better that the first one I choose. Regarding sightseeing aspect, the temple was just fine; But maybe the interesting fact is that that place is a Buddhist University with a lot of people studying the Buddha philosophy.

wat rakhang 1

wat rakhang 2

Also, the place has a pier in the Chao_Phraya river, with a lot of tours for tourist like me, but I didn’t take the option.

wat rakhang pier 2


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