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Chengdu Day 1 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | April 19th, 2016

I didn’t have too much time in Chengdu only two nights, but I decided to visit Chengdu for two reasons a Drupal Meetup and to see the famous Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

A lot of people hear at least hear that there a place in China with a lot of Pandas, well this place in Chengdu. Fortunately, I have a local guide from Drupal Community; Peter who companion me to the Giant Panda Breeding and other places in Chengdu.

chengdu peter

The Panda base in a vast area that hosts a project to protect panda population and execute programs to try to increase the population. For tourists like me, they have some pandas living in a “controlled environment.” Outside the regular pandas, they also have a reservoir for “Red Pandas” if you are not familiar with that animal, just think is Firefox browser logo, the animal is a Red Panda, not a fox.

chengdu panda 1

chengdu panda 2

chengdu panda 3

chengdu panda 4

chengdu red panda

After lunch, we move on towards Kuanzhai Xiangzi which are old streets where you can find a lot of restaurants, snacks places, and Chinese handcrafts.

kuanzhai xiangzi 1

kuanzhai xiangzi 2

Maybe the most interesting thing I found in this place was a kind of mini theater that presented Sichuan Opera, this style combines music, comedy, magic and kung fu, I totally recommend this activity.

sichuan opera 1

sichuan opera 2

sichuan opera 3

sichuan opera 4

To finish our day we have a Hot Pot fish for dinner.


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