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Chengdu Drupal Meetup - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | April 18th, 2016

After Drupal Camp Chongqing I departure to Chengdu, this city is famous due they host the biggest Panda reservoir in the world, but also they have a local Drupal Community.

To reach Chengdu I took a High-Speed train, operated by China Railway High-speed. The service is comfortable and efficient, even the fact I was in second class I have a huge space for me and my huge backpack. The train sometimes reaches 296 km by an hour, but you don’t feel the speed, at times we run in parallel with a highway, and you can notice the cars looks slow in compare with the train.


Maybe in the sad news, I have to report I lost my phone. I lost between last subway station and my walk to train station, nobody stole just felt down from my bad I notice because my extra battery charge impact the floor and I hear the sound but due my phone protector I couldn’t hear.

Right after arriving in Chengdu, I move towards to the Chengdu University of Technology. During this meetup, I have the opportunity to lead an introduction to Drupal 8 and a Introduction to Drupal Console. Thanks to Bruce becuase he translate to Chinese my words for almost 3 hours and also organize the meetup with Skip.

chengdu meetup

bruce translation

After having a delicious dinner, the locals help me to buy a new phone, I just realize that Lenovo bought Motorola and now and rebranding a new brand of phones named Zuk and I bought a Zuk 1

chengdu new phone


Distance (Kilometers)

Distance (Kilometers)
Chongqing, China → Chengdu, China366

Distance (Kilometers)

Distance (steps)
Chongqing/Chengdu (today)12.887