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Pre DrupalCamp Chongqing - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | April 16th, 2016

As part of my preparation for DrupalCamp Chongqing I have to stop a little bit my sightseeing to finish my tweaks in my, Drupal Console slides to add the latest features and finish my keynote slides.

Also, I work a little bit in Anexus doing a research of an issue related with Drupal Commerce and Search API and expose filters. I have to reckon that I never use Search API and his integration with Drupal Commerce, but I am glad that I could understand how works and fix the problem.

Also, I participate in the weekly podcast about Drupal Console project named The China plugin, where we talked about next event, latest changes and what is coming on the project next weeks.

As part of my preparation for DrupalCamp, I change my hotel to another which is located two blocks from the venue, to avoid get lost in translation.

In the afternoon, I continue my next trip planning and with a help of my wife I bought my flight ticket from Indonesia to Melbourne, Australia, you know all good goes to and ending.

At evening, the organizer set up a dinner for all speaker and as usual was delicious and spicy.

precamp dinner 1

precamp dinner 2

precamp dinner 3


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