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Chongqing Day 4 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | April 15th, 2016

I expend half day of yesterday doing some chores for Anexus and continue with my sightseeing in the afternoon.

My friend Jungle recommend me the Chongqing Garden Expo, so after having a brunch I toward to that park.

The Garden Expo was far from my hotel, almost two hours using the subway, and I get lost, and my internet was failing. Fortunately, my friend Jungle rectify the instructions and after take a bus I was there.

Beeing honest, I was a little upset due how long the park is, and the fact it was drizzling and I didn’t have an umbrella; But, I was there, and I have to see the place. The park has a “bus” services using golf cars show can see all park in few minutes, so I decided to take the bus.

As soon the golf car leaves the station and drove into the park my mood entirely change; Because the park is full of trails, lakes, cascades, shrines, temples and a lot of beautiful gardens. Even though was drizzling the view was gorgeous, so I get off the golf car and start walking on my own.

expo park 1

expo park 2

expo park 3

I don’t think, so my mobile camera was enough to capture the beauty of this place, so far, my favorite place in Chongqing city.


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