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Chongqing Day 3 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | April 14th, 2016

The DrupalCamp Chongqing helps me, asking a person to help me to buy a ticket to Chengdu and she also lead me to some places to met the Chongqing City.

My companion was Lihong Liu a student of computer science at a local university. She helps me to buy a ticket for a High-Speed train to Chengdu.


Our first stop was in a rope cable over the Yangtze river the biggest river of China and the third in the world.

yantze river

Back in the CBD area on Chongqing, we visited the Louchan Temple, where Liu explains to me a little bit about differences between Buddhist and Taoist.

louchan temple

Our tour finished at Hongyadong, which a complex of hotels, restaurants, shops. So another Chinatown inside China, but is famous also because a night you can take boat to take picture and the complex is illuminated providing a lovely landmark, but I didn’t have time to wait until the sunset


At night, I have a dinner with Jungle and he gave a t-shirt for Drupal Camp and another to spare in my next trip.


Distance (steps)
Chongqing (today)15.880