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Chongqing Day 1 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | April 12th, 2016

Usually, Mondays are a difficult day to start in a new city on this trip due; almost all sightseeing is close on Mondays, but it’s what it’s.

So, I started my day figure out how to buy a city card in the subway, getting some cash and looking for Ciqikou sometimes call a little Chongqing and for me is like a cultural inception; Because is a Chinatown inside China.

Ciqikou It’s a place full of Chinese shop local food and all you can expect in a Chinatown district, but the part that was missing is not Asian people, I guess I was the only, not Asian person there.


Inside middle of the old city, I visit the Bao Lun Buddhist Temple, beautiful and cheap I have to admit.

bao lun temple

In the end, the challenging task was to try to get a not hotpot lunch in the tourist area because that is the most interesting food of Chongqing but I had one last night, and I want a change. Finally, I got some noodles non-spicy, and I consider that a triumph.

chongqing lunch 1

I decided to return to literally recharge batteries; I have time to plan a little bit my visit to Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, looks like that meetups are settled down and I found a hotel in Bangkok.

After taking a nap, I go out to have a dinner with Jungle

chongqing dinner 1

We finish our night walking and talking, and we end up in a bookstore where he gave a Chinese book for children.


Distance (steps)
Chongqing (today)18.675