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Traveling to Chongqing - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | April 11th, 2016

Living the America (The continent not in the USA), our knowledge about Asia is very limited, China is not the exception. In general, we only knew about few cities in China, Bejing or Peking, Shanghai and Hong Kong ( I know Hong Kong is a king of a country).

With that in context, I could say yesterday I travel the middle of nowhere in China real mainland. Chongching it’s like a second level city in China. But don’t get confuse with that title; because the metro area has 30+ million residents, that mean is bigger that Mexico City and Mumbai.

Chongqing is located close to the Tibet and by close I mean 1500 kilometres, but is the closer than my usual location, I will miss this time, I have to left something unseen to have an excuse to return.

My flight was good just almost 3 hours and Qiangjun Ran with other members of the local Drupal community were waiting for me to lead me to my hotel. Later on, they invited me to eat a Hot Pot and I survive, of course, they told me they choose a beginner level for me.

chongqing welcome 1

chongqing welcome 2

chongqing hot pot

After dinner, we have a walk around the are just to get familiar and reduce the changes I get lost the next days, I really appreciate that, Chongqing guys are excellent hosts.


Distance (Kilometers)
Beijing, China → Chongqing, China1.458

Distance (Kilometers)

Distance (steps)
Beijing/Chongqing (today)16.363