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Beijing Day 1 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | April 3rd, 2016

Last week I learned a term used in China, APEC Blue Sky in reference a clear sky that happens in China during an APEC meeting in Beijing two years ago. Before landed in Beijing I was a little worried about the quality of air, but, until now I have been so luck; because after two days I have been a good quality of air and almost an APEC blue sky, I still have 8 more days here so I will see how lucky I am.

Yesterday in the morning I was a little frustrated, due my hotel internet connection sucks, and I can’t determine how to reach famous sightseeing places in Beijing, so, I decided to sleep a bit more and just leave my hotel ready to attend the Drupal Meetup in Beijing.

The Drupal community was receptive, taking into account that the event was on a Saturday afternoon, and we are in the middle of Qingming Festival

beijing meetup

Besides me, a local business owner presents about some Drupal projects he is working.

As you can imagine, we went to take an early dinner or a late lunch in my case, as always delicious food.

beijing meetup dinner


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