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Shanghai Day 2 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | March 25th, 2016

Yesterday probably was the must boring day in term of tourist. The most important thing I did was to go to the Indonesian Embassy in Shanghai to request my visa, to visit the Drupal Communities Jakarta and Bali.

At the beginning they don’t to accept my request, due, I am not a China resident or with a work permit, but I mentioned them, that on their website they said is possible, and I bring bank account statements. Everything was easier when I mentioned I got my visa to Australia, and that I have to Indonesian friends where I will stay. So, they request me to email the visa, and my friends have to email them an invitation letter.

So, I have to return to where I am staying to try to contact my friend, due; I did have Internet connection at that time. Fortunately, I could contact Suryanto Rachmat, and he gave the invitation letter. Now, I have to wait a week to get my passport, and I hope my last visa in this trip.

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After the Indonesian visa, I will have 3.5 empty pages in my passport, in theory, is enough to back home, we will see.

In the rest of my day, I just learn a little more about China society with Bootdev team and take a long nap in the afternoon; I will return to sightseeing activities tomorrow.

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