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Osaka Day 1 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | March 19th, 2016

Yesterday I arrived in Osaka by bus without any inconvenience; I will stay in an a room provides by Annai Inc community leaders in Japan.

Instead of going out to do some sightseeing, I prefer to stay to do some laundry, share lunch with Annai Inc team and get prepare for the Drupal Cafe No 44 organized by Annai Inc.

annai lunch

At night, I have a session about Drupal Console, Satoshi Kino helps me with translation to Japanese, that was a nice touch; there were almost 20 attendees, all eager for understanding the Drupal Console details. Later Annai sponsor some drinks and food for everybody in the activity.

Especial thanks to Kyoko and Satoshi for being awesome organizers in Tokyo and Osaka.

osaka meetup

annai enzo

drupal cafe osaka


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