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Traveling to Japan - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | March 13th, 2016

Yesterday was a day of changing a country in the trip; I couldn’t sleep well, only about 2.5 hours.

My flight to Japan departure from Incheon Internation Airport at 8:40 am. When I was packing, I notice the low-cost company I choose to flight to Japan have a 15 KG restriction and almost USD $90 for a second checked luggage. So, I unwrap my backpacker bag and set everything to leave behind my laptop backpack and some pijamas, if were necessary, due I still have like 6 km over the weight limit.

Fortunately, the airline doesn’t say anything about my luggage, and I can continue with all my stuff.

The Narita airport is huge but well organized, after passing control I can get a sim card with Internet connection, and the information desk tries to explain to me that there are several train operators and different kind of trains. Finally, I choose the cheapest one. The Narita airport is quite remote from Tokio.

tokio metro ]

In my hotel I try to prepare my schedule for this week, this week will be agitated with two sessions in Tokio, a trip an overnight trip to Osaka and a meeting in Osaka.

Looking the top places to visit in my short period in Tokyo, I found a website that helps me to organize my tour http://www.visitacity.com. I have to say I am on a hook with this web application, how I can live without this before :P/

visitacity ]


Distance (Kilometers)
Seoul, South Korea → Tokyo, Japan1.154

Distance (steps)
Seoul (today)5.161