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Seoul Day 2 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | March 8th, 2016

Yesterday I started my day doing a lot of social networks, because, the elections for next Drupal Director at Large in Drupal Association is open https://assoc.drupal.org/vote2016.

Therefore, I try to contact as many people as possible I have been in touch with Drupal related matters on all my social networks and IM systems around the world. Fortunately, they are a lot, and I like the idea of requesting the vote one by one and also asking in community forums in countries I use to share my contributions.

Of course, I didn’t finish today; likely I have more day in elections process to continue with this process.

Back into Seoul exploring, with my wife, we decided to do some hiking, and we have a long walk today from our hotel walk towards the famous N Tower located in a Namsan mountain. There is a Namsan Park in the mountain with roads to do hiking or jogging with facilities for sight impaired people.

n tower

n tower locks

In addition to the distance, the route was challenging due Seoul was yesterday between 3 to 5 Celcius degrees.

n park roads

To return, we took the Namsan cable car, because, we were exhausted; I know I know I am not in a got shape :P.

n cable car

Back in the ground, we visit the Namdaemun Market a traditional market in Seoul where you can find wherever you need.

namdaemun market

Our next spot was the Cheonggyecheon steam which a river that crosses a big part of the city, with sidewalks that allow you to take long walks across the river, the river it’s immaculate with Ducks and fishes; the water was crystal clear.

cheonggyecheon river

We ended our walk when we reach the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Our objective today wasn't trying to get in, due, was too late, but we took some pictures outside, it’s a place with a good taste of design.



Distance (steps)
Seoul (today) 21.837
Previously 280.138
**Total** 301.975