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1st DrupalCamp Vietnam

By Eduardo García ● CTO | March 5th, 2016

Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in the first Drupal Camp Vietnam in Hanoi.

First Druapal Camp Vietnam The event had a turnout of about 170 attendees, with around 20% of women participation, caveats those numbers are my appreciation, not official stats.

First Drupal Camp Vietnam Agenda In addition to my assistance, I had the option to present a session about Drupal Console project; I did this presentation in English with translation to Vietnamese by Tom Tran.

A Drupal guy for Philipines, Gerald Villorente also did a session in English with translation to Vietnamese by local Docker community member, due; his session was about Docker.

Gerald Villorente presenting The rest of the sessions were in Vietnamese, and with the help of organizers they give me a hand to understand what they were saying in their slides, also after a small talk with members of the Drupal community, I learn some interesting fact I want to share with you.

There is a local organization named FOSSA with the primary objective to promote the usage of free and open source software in Vietnam, because, contrary to what I thought, even Vietnam is a communist country, the government usage of FOSS is only about 20%.

The Vietnamese CMS ranking


  1. Wordpress.
  2. Nukeviet
  3. Drupal and Joomla


  1. Sharepoint
  2. Liferay
  3. Nukeviet

One session I want to remark is a case study about Bayo, which is a startup-oriented to create travel community for Vietnamese people who travel around southeast Asia built in Drupal, with more than 30k user started in June 2015.

At night, I had some beers with Gerald and told me how he transforms his life from a gardener in a resort in the Philippines to a Drupal Developer. All via a mentor and self-training. his is a living proof of with determination you can do a 180 degrees change in your life, all you need is passion and termination.

In conclusion, this camp was a good first DrupalCamp for their community, of course, there a lot of space to increase the Drupal penetration in Vietnam, but the realization of this kind of events is a huge jump towards that objective.

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