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Ha-long Bay 3 days - Vietnam - Drupal tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | March 2nd, 2016

I expect the last three days on tour in Ha-long Bay area, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with about almost two thousand islets.

enzo & Yersika Ha long bay The tour was two nights and three days, one night we slept anchor close to a harbour and the second night was in Monkey reports In our trip were includes two activities visiting Dau Go Cave cave and doing kayak around those islands.

Ha long cave Ha long bay surise I have to say the boat was comfortable; the trip was quite peaceful because te ocean looks more like a lagoon, I use The Internet on my first night using my phone, was almost a miracle that I have signal at that place.

Ha long Monkey Island The second night, I use hotel lobby WI-FI, which was more stable and perfect to review some pending tasks and finish the updates required for my session in DrupalCamp Vietnam.

Vietnam is still in winter, and the ocean is still cold, only for brave people :P.

In my return, I notice that @drupal account in twitter report my tour to the global community, that was more than impressive.

.@enzolutions starts a 120 day trip to India, Asia, Australasia to foster #Drupal community https://t.co/r5iui82wRK pic.twitter.com/mMMqJbjcuG

— Drupal (@drupal) March 2, 2016


Distance (steps)
Vietnam/ Ha-long Bay 8.063
Previously 217.700
**Total** 225.763