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Traveling to Vietnam - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | February 27th, 2016

It’s time to say goodbye to Singapore, and prepare our next trip, In our morning we start to define the route for Yersika to Australia, and after several options, we find a reasonable price flight travelling between SEL → MEL → BNE → HNL.

Guess what we have a dim sum again, no new pictures, so no #foodporn today :P.

To go to the airport, we use the SMRT. I have to repeat I love the transport system of Singapore, at the airport station we return four tourist cards, and they return 40 SGD. So basically, we only expend 80 SGD = 57.13 USD for two persons during six days and bargain from my point of view.

To try to be prepared for Vietnam I choose to change my latest Singaporean Dollars, and I got 1.5 million ( 3 notes) Vietnamese dongs, wow was the first time in my life that amount of money in my wallet.

a lot money

Now I can evaluate the airport better; The airport offers a movie theatre for free and free wi-fi, so all you need for an extended stop in Singapore. At passport control, they ask you for a little piece of paper that they gave you when you enter in Singapore. The security control is not general; each gate has his luggage check-in procedure. So, by far the best airport I have ever seen in my life.

singapore airport

singapore bye

We choose Vietnam Airlines to fly to Vietnam; the flight was comfortable, and the duration from Singapore is almost 3 hours, and they provide good food.

The entry in Vietnam was quite easy; we don’t have to fill out an immigration form, they check your passport, and in luggage control, they don’t require to pass through x-ray machines.

The DrupalCamp Vietnam organisers, arrange a taxi driver to wait for us at the airport, Hanoi is quite better than I was expecting, being honest, I don’t see any communist spirit and nothing looks worst than capitalist countries in Latin America.

enzo yersika

We finish our day eating Viet food in the street, was cheap and delicious.

hanoi street food


Distance (Kilometers)
Singapore → Hanoi - Vietnam 2.200
Previously 20.035
Total 22.325

Distance (steps)
Singapore/Vietnam (Today) 7623
Previously 182.242
**Total** 189. 865