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DrupalCon Asia Day 2 - Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | February 20th, 2016

Second day in DrupalCon Asia and the first official day of the event.

Today I attend for the first time a pre-note, and I have to say that was hilarious, and people get involved in the activity, at the end the audience was invited to do a flash mob Indian style, and the stage was crowded.

pre note

After, Dries, as usual, start with the keynote where I notice the Indian and Asian community are more participative than I believe.

As part of my contribution to DrupalCon Asia, I lead a session to talk about the importance to have tools a content generated in our mother tongue and not only English.

drupalcon console bof

Regarding sessions, I attend the following:

Besides the sessions, the environment in the sponsor's area was just crazy a lot of people trying to hire people and getting new leads for new projects.

drupalcon hall

In summary, the event is named a DrupalCon and, to be honest, smells and have the feeling of a real DrupalCon, well-done organisers.

To fish my day, I have a good chat and dinner with some folks from the UK that lives in Thailand; I will meet with then again in Bangkok in two months.

drupal uk thai


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