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India Day 2 - Drupal Tour 2016

By Eduardo García ● CTO | February 16th, 2016

After passing my first day in India, I felt comfortable about how to handle this country as a tourist, so the sky is the limit, I said to myself, I was so wrong “The tuk-tuks are the limit”.

I start my day decided to visit the south of Mumbai; I expected more traffic than the day before because was Sunday. But as soon I tried to request my Uber I notice there weren't cars available in UberX or UberBlack models, so weird right, the situation gets worse when some vehicles appear available, but the rate increased until a factor of 8.

Trying to understand the situation, I did the supposition maybe people start their days in the office around 9 or 10 am, so I skip the Uber to avoid the rush hour, and I decide to walk towards airtel office to try to get connected to The Internet from my cell phone.

I bring in theory the requirement to get a sim card from Airtel: passport, a passport copy, a photo and copy of visa. But, the manager of the shop said I need a valid visa for at least 90 days to get sim cards, WTF right. For that reason, I had to call to India 911 in my case I contact Parth Gohil, and he rescue me request a sim card for him, lucky me he had two photographs in his wallet, BTW, who has two pictures in his wallet nowadays just in case :P.

Having a sim card, but not connected yet because the activation process takes 24 hours, Parth explain to me that maybe the user rise in prices was related with the Tuk-tuks, or Rickshaws, as they are named in India, were in Strike, as soon he mention I realise the street looks different. So, I decided to Stay a couple of hours in Parth hotel’s room until the Rickshaws apocalypse past.

At lunchtime, Cary Gordon a former Drupal Association board member and Ashwini Kumar a developer from Srijian join us and we went to a Punjabi restaurant, food, and talk was so good that we forget to take a picture of us in the restaurant. Shame on us.

After lunch Rickshaws, their apocalypse still happens, but Uber prices reach a moderate 1.6 price factor. So Cory and I went to visit Bandra Fort and Carter Road in Bandra West.

mumbai bridge

Mumbai Bridge I have to say that my conversation with Cory was exquisite because the told me about his experience as a board member of Drupal Association member.

To end the day, I had a dinner with Josef Dabernig.

it’s good to have time to talk with members of the Drupal community. In my concern, the DrupalCon Asia started today.


Distance (steps)
Mumbai (Today) 13.378
Previously 46.786
**Total** 60.134