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A Drupal Guy in a Backbone Conference

By Eduardo García ● CTO | December 17th, 2014

backbonejs logo Past Dic 15th and 16th I attended the 3rd Backbone Conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

I’m a Drupal Backend Developer, so my experience in Front End is limited to small pets projects I have been working just for fun like http://github.com/enzolutions/generator-marionette-drupal.

To be honest Backend Developers speaking generally, we underestimate the work of Front End Developers do.

Even I have been playing with Backbone for last ten months I didn’t have huge expectations about this conference, but eager to get new knowledge. In general, I had the idea people will present tons of plugins, for instance, jQuery plugins.

But I’m glad to say I was wrong, after 5 minutes of the first conference I was lost between patterns and architecture decision inside the framework.

In general, I notice jQuery is a set of tools two generations behind of current implementations.

Also, I love how open the community is because they had conferences talking from Wordpress to competitors like AmpersanJS and others.

All lectures are available in video here.

These are my favorites.

So what is the next for me, well I will try to continue trying to learn more about Front End libraries and frameworks, but now I will see with the respect they deserve?

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