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Around the Drupal World in 120 Days

By Eduardo García ● CTO | January 19th, 2016

Almost a year ago in 2015, I proposed my name in the elections for Director at Large in Drupal Association. The slogan of my campaign was Let me be your voice with the idea to try to represent areas in the world outside developing countries.

Check the video of my proposal.

Version for China

Sadly, I didn't get enough votes to get elected. But, the idea remains in my head; How I could to try to bring the knowledge to those emerging communities in Open Source and specifically in Drupal?

How could I encourage people to create their solutions, using their language as a tool to empower their local community?

Moreover, How I could do this without the endorsement of being a Director at Large for Drupal Association?

Well, I got the conclusion that if I want to do a change and don't need to ask permission to anybody, and in the same way here in Costa Rica we started the Drupal Costa Rica community with our passion as our endorsement to build this idea.

For that reason, I decided to put my money where my mouth is, regarding what I said in my video campaign, including an additional goal: promote the tool I have been co-working for almost 18 months the Drupal Console project. Drupal Console also includes an essential component for local communities empowerment enabling people to use the tool in their mother language. Fortunately, I got support from my business partner Kenny Abarca at Anexus to have a period of four months with a semi-sabbatical schedule to regarding work.

Having 4-5 hours per day in duties to support our team regarding of Drupal 8 adoption and implementation. What I will do with the rest of my time, well, we agree that I will be traveling in several developed and developing countries participating in DrupalCamps, Drupal meetups to exchange experiences with local companies and developers.

To try to do what I proposed last year and promoted the Drupal Console project. Also, Encouraging local communities to build technical documentation for themselves using their mother language to reduce their digital gap. With the idea settle, we create this agenda to visit eighteen cities in thirteen countries and three continents, we want to include Africa, but due to budgets restrictions wasn't possible.

  1. NYC, USA / Feb 10th - Feb 12th → Drupal Console Introduction
  2. Mumbai India / Feb 13th - Feb 20th → DrupalCon BOF
  3. Singapore, Singapore / Feb 21st - Feb 26th → Drupal Meetup
  4. Hanoi, Vietnam / Feb 27th - Mar 6th → DrupalCamp
  5. Seoul, South Korea / Mar 7th - Mar 13th → Drupal Meetup
  6. Tokyo, Japan / Mar 14th Drupal Cafe
  7. Osaka, Japan / Mar 18th - Mar 22th → Drupal Cafe
  8. Shanghai, China / Mar 23th - Mar 31st → DrupalCamp
  9. Beijing, China / Apr 1st - Apr 10th → Drupal Meetup
  10. Chongqing, China / Apr 11th - Apr 16th → DrupalCamp
  11. Chengdu, China / Apr 17st - Apr 19th → Drupal Meetup
  12. Bangkok, Thailand / Apr 20th - Apr 25th → Drupal Meetup
  13. Hong Kong, Hong Kong / Apr 25th - Apr 29th → Drupal Meetup
  14. Taipei, Taiwan / Apr 30th - May 3th → Drupal Meetup
  15. Manila, Philippines / May 4th - May 10th → DrupalCamp Manila 20016
  16. Jakarta, Indonesia / May 11th - May 14th → Drupal Meetup
  17. Yogyakarta, Indonesia / May 15th - May 17th → Drupal Meetup
  18. Bali, Indonesia / May 18th - May 21st → Drupal Meetup
  19. Melbourne, Australia / May 22nd - May 30th → Drupal Meetup
  20. Sydney, Australia / May 31st - June 6th → Drupal Meetup
  21. Mexicali, Mexico / Jun 9th - June 12th → DrupalConsole Sprint

I will take two mini holidays in Tasmania and Hawaii, to complete a trip of 124 days.

After complete this trip, I expect to help those communities I plan to visit to help to improve their participation in global Drupal Community and for me, well, enhance my vision of the world.

If you are wondering if I plan to propose my name for next election process in Drupal Association, to be honest, I am still considering the possibility.

If you are around those cities, and you want to talk about Drupal Communities, Drupal 8 and Drupal Console, please don’t hesitate to email me to enzo@anexusit.com

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